The Covid 19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we live and interact with each other. The hand shake is a thing of the past, standing 2 metres apart from our loved ones is the new embrace, attending virtual meetings allows us to partake in important decision at work. We attend virtual gatherings on zoom to be part of the happy occasions to celebrate birthdays and weddings.

I believe that we were working towards social distancing long before the pandemic. Social media had already become one of our favorite ways of socializing. Visiting loved ones would usually happen on a very special occasion, such as a wedding. We would send virtual hugs and kisses to a friend for their birthday and we would visit mum on mothers day. We would invite only close family members to celebrate Christmas or other festive occasions.

The pandemic has enforced the concept of social distancing and because of it we can not choose when we go out doors or when to visit friends and family. This has taken away our freedom of choice and our freedom of movement.

The pandemic has given us time to reflect on what we hold dear to ourselves, to cherish our loved ones, to enjoy every moment we get to spend time doing what we love and to relish our freedom and enjoy all those liberties that, until now, we have taken for granted.