The lock down has challenged both our physical and mental well being. It has affected different people in different ways. We have been forced to stay indoors to protect the society at large. Many of us have been asked to work from home. We have been unable to visit our favorite restaurant, cafes and bars. The closure of the gyms has deprived us of essential physical exertion.

How do we stay mentally and physically fit during such challenging times? Bumping into a colleague in the corridor at work for a quick chat, or meeting up with a friend for coffee after work was a nice way to catch up, smile, have a laugh and socialize. Sitting at home in front of a laptop just does not replicate the same emotions. Going out for a jog before work, or to the gym after work was an essential part of every day life to get those endorphins pumping through our system.

There are ways we can maintain some semblance of normalcy in these trying times. Human beings are great at adapting to change and at improvising. It is essential to use the new found time we have to reach out to our loved ones over the phone or via video messaging services. It may not be the same as seeing them face to face, but the feeling of empathy, mutual kindness and support can go a long way to maintain those social bonds and provide a much needed mental sanctuary to ourselves.

It can be gratifying to exercise at home watching some of the plethora of resources on youtube and other platforms. These videos are very structured and focused on providing positive results. This can in turn rekindle the sense of motivation, and instill with in us a source of self confidence and self reassurance. The much needed endorphins that are released will in turn provide us with a positive mind set and a sense of calm and tranquility.

Use the time to pursue an online course or another interest that you never got round to because of the lack of time. Start cooking, sewing or take up reading. Watch your favorite box sets, with the family or virtually with your friends. There is so much one can do while locked in doors.

Lock down does not have to be boring, and it does not have to be overbearing. Carve out a path that will provide you with physical and mental fulfillment during this time and make the lock down work for you. Grow physically, emotionally and achieve what you aspire to in the comfort of your own home!

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