Foaming Hand Sanitizer With Moisturizer

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GClean Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer Is Different:
    • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (CDC, EPA Recommended Levels)
    • Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Kills 99.99% of illness causing germs.
  • Lasts Longer – GClean hand sanitizer uses encapsulated alcohol technology to provide germ killing power long after the initial application.
  • Contains essential oils like tea tree and coconut oil to moisturize and keep hands from becoming dry and cracked.
  • Non-Flammable
  • Made in the USA
  • Foam provides TWICE the number of pumps versus Gel – Best Value


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Must be used with a foaming pump dispenser to get the desired foam delivery.

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Health care professionals face challenges with keeping themselves and the people they assist free from cross contaminating germs. Traditional sanitizer are effective upon application but become in-effective within 30 seconds, and the consistent reapplication process can leave hands cracked and dry – opening up channels for germs to enter the body.

GClean foaming hand sanitizer is different. It lasts longer than traditional alcohol based sanitizers and actually moisturizes while it kills germs. Our foaming hand sanitizer uses encapsulated alcohol to kill 99.99% of illness causing germs and is blended with essential oils like tea tree and coconut oil to keep hands from becoming dry and cracked.

  • Kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs
  • Two active germ killing ingredients (Isopropyl Alcohol and Benzalkonium Chloride)
  • Encapsulated alcohol technology keeps alcohol active and working longer
  • Contains 70% alcohol to dry and kill viruses and bacteria
  • Made with organic essential oils to keep hands moisturized
  • When paired with other GClean products environments become safer for longer
  • Non-Flammable
  • Made in the USA

Must be used with a foaming pump dispenser to get the desired foam delivery.

Available Volumes

Available Volumes
  • 16oz (473ml)
  • 32oz (946ml)
  • 1 Gallon (3.78 liters)
  • 5 Gallon Pail (18.92 liters)
  • 55 Gallon Drum (208 liters)
  • 330 Gallon Tote (1,249 liters)

Hazards Identification:

Emergency Overview (OSHA Hazards): WARNING! Causes serious eye irritation.

Hazard Classification (categories in parentheses): Irritant (eyes: 2).

HMIS Rating:

  • Health 1
  • Flammability 0
  • Reactivity 0


Chemical Family: Blend of minimum risk ingredients

IngredientWt %
Isopropyl Alcohol72
Benzalkonium Chloride0.1
Lemongrass Oil<.1

Transportation Information:

DOT Proper Shipping Name: Non hazardous

DOT/IMO Proper Shipping Name: Not regulated

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Additional information


Opaque Yellow or Opaque Clear Liquid



Odor threshold

Not tested


7.0-8.5 typical

Melting point/freezing point


Initial boiling point and range


Flash Point

212° F

Evaporation Rate

Less than water

Flammability (solid, gas)

Not applicable

Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits

Not tested

Vapor pressure

< 0.01 mm Hg estimated

Vapor Density

Heavier than air

Relative density: Specific Gravity (H2O = 1)

1.03 calculated

Solubility (water)


Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water

Not tested

Auto-ignition temperature

Not applicable

Decomposition temperature

Not applicable



Percent Volatiles

Not tested

Please Select Your Size

18.5oz (550ml), 32oz (946ml), 1 Gallon (3.78 liters), 12 pack 18.5oz (1 box), 12 pack 32oz (1 box), 4 pack Gallon (1 box)

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  1. Dr. A. Kahn

    I’ve been using his moisturizer foaming soap for past few days and must say my hands feels so clean , I feel it penetrates the skin and the wrinkles much better than any other product. I think that’s due to the nanotechnology it has .It’s moisturizer effect is not comparable to any other hand sanitizer in the market. It has two types of alcohols which makes me feel even more confident in this product. Thank you guys at G clean !

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